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Not After Everything by Michelle Levy

Star running back Tyler has it all. Including a football scholarship to Stanford. Then his mom kills herself and Tyler lets it all go. He’s forced to take a job working with Jordyn, his former childhood friend turned angry-loner goth-girl, who he soon discovers may very well be exactly what he needs. A gritty but hopeful love story—great for fans of The Spectacular Now and Eleanor and Park.

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Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older

Sierra Santiago planned an easy summer of making art and hanging out with her friends. But then a corpse crashes the first party of the season. Her stroke-ridden grandfather starts apologizing over and over. And when the murals in her neighborhood begin to weep real tears… Well, something more sinister than the usual Brooklyn ruckus is going on. With the help of a fellow artist named Robbie, Sierra discovers shadowshaping, a thrilling magic that infuses ancestral spirits into paintings, music, and stories. But someone is killing the shadowshapers one by one — and the killer believes Sierra is hiding their greatest secret. Now she must unravel her family’s past, take down the killer in the present, and save the future of shadowshaping for generations to come.

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